Are Table Tennis Robots Worth The Money?

  • Date: January 31, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Many table tennis enthusiasts are debating whether or not table tennis robots are worth the investment. Some argue that they are able to provide a more consistent game than humans, while others say that they cannot provide the same level of accuracy. Others argue that humans will always be the best because robots can’t do things like communicate with their opponents and use their intuition to predict their next move. In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at how these arguments hold up against each other.

Generally, every domain has robots that can help you perform tasks better than human beings. For example, there is no way for us to play chess as well as computers. However, it’s important to note that even though machines have been programmed to beat people at certain games, they still require some degree of skill from the player.

So a table tennis robot will not do magic for you. It won’t be able to tell if your opponent is going to hit the ball or not. It’s a great way to practice your shots but when you start playing competitively, you need to know how to play against a human opponent.

What does a table tennis robot do

If you want to practice table tennis at home, a table tennis robot is designed to help players practice their skills. It can be easily programmed to hit balls in any direction and at any speed, which helps players improve their game by giving them a consistent challenge. Some robots can also be programmed to serve the ball before beginning play, which makes it easier for players to practice other kind of shots.

Table tennis robots strikes

The most obvious thing that a table tennis robot does is that it shoots balls at you so you can stroke them. Depending on the model, you can determine whether it’ll only shoot in one direction, or if it’ll change direction, making it more entertaining for you.

Repeated practice will help you build consistency with regard to your physical movements and boost your stroke accuracy. Doing this enables you to be certain you can improve your weak areas of the game.

Table tennis robots are programmable

Most table tennis robots have different programs built in which allow you to customize their behavior. You can set up how many times they should hit the ball before returning it back to you, as well as what speed they should move when doing so. This allows you to create a robot that is perfect for your needs. If you want them to return the ball at an angle, then you could do that by programming them accordingly. The same goes for setting up the timing between hits.

Table tennis robots can be cheaper than a coach

Table tennis robots are more affordable than hiring a coach. A table tennis robot can last up to 25 years, is cheaper in the long-run, and doesn’t need to be paid when it’s not working. They also don’t need paying when they’re sick or on vacation.

Table tennis coaches usually charge $100-$200 per lesson. That means if you have two lessons with a coach each week, you’ll spend around $400 every month just to keep him/her employed. With a robotic trainer, this cost will go down significantly.

What to look at when buying a tennis table robot

It’s important to ask yourself some questions when considering the purchase of a tennis table robot. What are you looking for in a tennis table robot? How much money are you willing to spend on one? Will you be using your new robot for fitness purposes, or is it more of a novelty gift? Is this even something your family would like to use? What about friends and neighbors? These are all things to consider before investing in a tennis table robot.

After you answered those questions, here is a list of things you need to look when choosing a table tennis robot:


When a robot shoots 25 balls, you will have to gather them all up and reload the robot when it finishes shooting. More expensive models provides more capacity, and some models even come with an autoloading feature.

Spin types

The cheaper robots don’t have a spin feature. But as the price increase, some models can even combine spins.


A good robot must have options to help you set ball frequency, speed, spin or combinations to where the balls will be shot.

Wireless or Cord

Wireless table tennis robots have apps where you can change settings from where you stand, which can make your training more efficient.

Battery or Cord Powered

The most important difference between the two is that the battery-powered robots are more flexible and portable.

Size and Portability

If you need to move the robot a lot, then you should look at the size of it because some models are big and can’t be moved that easy.

Benefits of table tennis robots

Table tennis robots are a great way to get in shape while having fun. However, they’re not just for the casual player because they allow professionals to practice on their own at home. As an example, many ping pong players who are able to practice with their coach by themselves can use robots in order to see how much spin is being put on the ball when it is struck.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of table tennis robots.

+ Great way to teach kids table tennis skills

+ Used by pros

+ Remain in great physical condition while practicing

+ Practice your strokes

+ Play when you want, what you want and as long as you want

+ Programmable

+ Cheaper than hiring a coach

Downsides of table tennis robots

Table tennis robots have a lot of potential to change the game. However, there are some downsides that prevent them from being a total replacement for human players. Firstly, table tennis balls can become dented after being smashed around the table by robots and need to be replaced frequently. Secondly, it can be difficult for new players to learn how to play table tennis against an opponent with a lot of experience because the robot always responds in the same way.

Here are some downsides of a table tennis robot.

-You may not learn how to hit the ball correctly

-Lack of randomness can make it boring and repetitive

-Upfront cost


In conclusion, although table tennis robots are out of some people’s price range, there are some advantages to using these robots. You can adjust the speed of your game or compose your skill level. It is also good for playing in locations where it might not be possible to play with humans. Nonetheless, there are some downsides to using a table tennis robot such as the lack of human randomness and the upfront cost, which can also be seen as an investment.

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