How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle

  • Date: November 15, 2022
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There are many ways to clean your pickleball paddle. You can use magic eraser, a damp cloth, glass cleaner, or a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the paddle. While cleaning the paddle, be very gentle with it because it contains a honeycomb core which can trap water.

Follow these steps for the best results. Then, keep it inside your bag to avoid wear and tear.

Best Way to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle

One of the most important aspects for a pickleball paddle to last longer is cleaning it properly. There are several different methods of cleaning a pickleball paddle. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the paddle. Glass cleaner, glass spray, or microfiber cloths are also recommended. You should apply the cleaner to a cloth and scrub it gently against the paddle.

Once the cleaning is done, allow the paddle to dry completely. You should avoid using any harsh cleaning solutions, as these could leave residue and eventually wear out the graphics on the paddle.

Keep in mind that cleaning the pickleball paddle doesn’t make it new again. A well-cared for paddle can last for years, but even the best paddle will eventually need to be replaced. When it comes time for a new paddle, it’s time!

Clean with magic eraser

Cleaning your pickleball paddle with a magic eraser is a great way to keep your paddle in top condition. This simple technique will help eliminate any dirt, grit, or residue that may have built up on the wood over time. Simply wet the magic eraser and scrub the surface clean. Be sure to rinse the magic eraser off after use.

Glass Cleaner and a Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning your pickleball paddle with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth is good for keeping your paddle in good condition. Follow these simple steps to clean your paddle: 

  • Wet the microfiber cloth with water and wring it out. 
  • Wipe down the entire paddle, including the sides of the blade.
  • You can also spray the glass cleaner on a cloth, and gently rub down the paddle from one end to the other.

Clean the grip of your pickleball paddle

Cleaning your pickleball paddle grip is easy to do. All you need is a microfiber cloth and some warm water. You can also use an old toothbrush for extra cleaning power. Wet the towel and apply soap to the grip. Rub the pickleball paddle grip with the cloth. Scrub the dirt and grime off of the paddle. Afterward, dry it completely with a clean cloth. Replace the grip more often if necessary.

To clean the glass paddle, you can use a soft terry tower. Dip the tower into warm water, and wipe both sides of the paddle. Dry it with a dry towel. Avoid using too much water to clean the paddle; it can seep into the core material and warp. For best results, clean the paddle in a clean and dry environment, which prevents it from attracting additional dirt.

While cleaning your pickleball paddle, keep in mind that high temperatures will damage your paddle, and cold temperatures will reduce its responsiveness. You should also look for any damage to the edge guard. While it’s tempting to toss, tumble, or smash your paddle, do not do it. Follow the cleaning process as often as you can after a match to protect your investment. Cleaning the paddles will prolong the life of your pickleball paddle and ensure that you always have a crisp, clean playing surface.

Cleaning the face

One of the most important parts of pickleball is cleaning the face of your paddle. Dirty paddles will wear out more quickly and require frequent replacement. You can also use contact cement to secure the edge guard. If the face of your paddle is dirty all the time, maybe it’s time to apply a new coating or sealant to make it water and stain-free.

Also, never use household cleaners to clean the face of your paddle because they leave sticky residue and attract more dirt.

How to avoid damaging a pickleball paddle

Keep your Pickleball Paddle Inside

Proper storage is crucial for your pickleball paddle. Proper care will extend its life and enable you to play at your highest level. Here are a few tips for maintaining your pickleball paddle. Read on for some great storage tips! To store your pickleball paddle properly, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Store the paddle in a cool place out of extreme temperatures. The paddle’s wood core will warp if left out in a sunny car, while cold, dry trunks are harmful for wooden paddles.
  • Avoid scraping pickleballs with your paddle as this will wear it out faster.
  • Store your pickleball paddle on a locker or bench.
  • Do not toss your paddle into the backseat of a car, as you might damage it.

Wear and Tear

Is your pickleball paddle’s face starting to fade its graphics? This is normal for pickleball paddles. It happens because of consistent contact between the pickleball and the ball. We are just hoping that the graphics fade in the sweet spot of pickleball paddle (where all the balls hopefully make contact).

When you’re done playing, take your pickleball paddle bag inside. You will see the difference over time and your paddle will last longer.

Avoid Water for your pickleball paddle

Water and extreme temperatures can damage the paddle’s surface and core, causing it to crack and separate. Water can cause your pickleball paddle to wear out more quickly than if you use a dry paddle. If you’re going to be playing in wet conditions, make sure to prep your paddle by spraying it with a waterproofing agent before each game.

You want to finish a game, and it started raining? It shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t expose the paddle to the rain for an extended period of time. Pickleball paddles made of honeycomb core can trap water if they are kept in the rain. So, if it’s raining and you want to finish a game, it is important to be careful that the core doesn’t trap water.


Cleaning your paddle is an important part of keeping it in good condition. Here are three ways to clean it: with magic eraser glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, with a toothbrush, and with soap and water. You can also clean the grip with a magic eraser. Just make sure to avoid damaging the blade or other parts of the paddle.

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