What is the Use of a Shuttlecock in Badminton?

  • Date: November 16, 2022
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What is the Use of a Shuttlecock in Badminton? How is it made? And how do you know which Shuttlecock to use? This article will answer these questions and more. Listed below are a few common types of shuttlecocks used in badminton. Using the right one for the right match can make all the difference in the outcome of the game. Also, if you’re not sure what shuttlecock to use, read on for some tips.

Why is it called a Shuttlecock?

The shuttlecock is a part of badminton equipment. It consists of a cork or rubber ball and a crown of feathers. The word shuttlecock is derived from two Old English words: “scytel” and “cock,” which mean bird. This word is a good description of the game’s dynamism, and is derived from its back and forth motion.

The shuttlecock’s shape and size are important to the game. It is an open cone made of sixteen overlapping feathers. These feathers are from a duck or goose’s left wing. The feathers are embedded into a rounded cork base that is covered with a thin leather layer. This shape provides a stable aerodynamic vehicle for the shuttlecock. A shuttlecock’s first and second orientation is similar to a cockerel’s wingbeat.

How is a badminton Shuttlecock made

The first question that might come to your mind is: How is a badminton shuttlecock made? The shuttlecocks used in this sport are made of goose or duck feathers. These feathers are attached to a semi-ellipse shaped cork. They have different curvatures, which helps the shuttlecocks spin differently. This is especially important in a sport that involves speed.

The base is generally made of cork. It also has a piece of elastic cork at the bottom for smashing, while the top is made of leather to hold the skirt in place. Manufacturers then cover the base with a white leather band to give the shuttlecock a specific look. Some famous badminton brands place a colored band at the top of the base, indicating the speed of the shuttlecock.

After the feathers are selected and washed, they are cut into the required shape for the shuttlecock. Glue or thread is then used to secure the feathers to the cork. The shuttlecock is tested for flight and distance accuracy before being packaged. Once this process is complete, the shuttlecocks are ready for competitions. And you can be sure that you’ll have the perfect shuttlecock to hit the badminton court with the most accuracy and spin.

While shuttlecock construction has changed over the centuries, the basic steps remain the same. The following are the shuttlecocks specifications:

  • 16 feathers, each about 70 mm in length
  • Cork that is 25 mm to 28 mm in diameter
  • Total weight around 4.75 to 5.50 grams.

Why are there different kinds of shuttlecocks

There are many different types of shuttlecocks in badminton. You can choose between a feather shuttlecock or a synthetic one. Traditionally, badminton shuttlecocks have been made of feathers, but new shuttlecocks can also be made with synthetic materials. These are the different types of shuttlecocks currently used:

  • Goose Feather
  • Duck Feather
  • Plastic
  • Nylon

Feather Shuttlecock

This is used by professionals and serious amateurs. Why? They just fly faster. You may be wondering why not everyone uses a feather shuttlecock.

They are not very durable and can become fragile. The feathers performance can be enhanced by placing them in a humidifier for approximately 4 hours.

Instead of putting them in a humidifier, you can place a moist sponge inside the shuttle tube’s feather end. This should produce the same effect. The effect will be different if the moist sponge is placed at the cork end.

The Synthetic Shuttlecock

These are made from nylon/plastic and can be used straight out of the tube.

This type is what most people have used at one time or another. They are great for indoor and outdoor badminton games and are available in a variety of prices and quality.

What shuttlecock is best to play badminton?

A feather flight is better than any other. A feather shuttle is the best choice for ultimate play. A nylon shuttle is better for durability and thus greater value.

How do you know which Shuttlecock to use

When playing badminton, you should choose the right shuttlecock according to your level and needs. Different climates require different speeds, so different types of shuttlecocks are available to suit different areas.

The environment, temperature, humidity and altitude all have an impact on the speed of your shuttle. You can get an idea of how frequently the 78-rated shuttles are used in Europe and the UK. If you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t worry too much.

This quick guide will help you select the best shuttle speed.

Shuttle SpeedAltitude SuitedTemperature
75 – SlowAbove Sea LevelVery Hot (30+ Degrees)
76 – Quite SlowSea LevelHot (25-30 Degrees)
77 – Average SpeedSea LevelAverage Temp (15-25 Degrees)
78 – Quite FastBelow Sea LevelCold (0 – 15 Degrees)
79 – FastBelow Sea LevelVery Cold (Below Freezing)

What shuttlecock brands are there

Many brands manufacture their own shuttlecocks, and some have great reviews from players. If you are looking for an inexpensive shuttlecock for a beginner or for a casual badminton game, consider Yonex shuttlecocks. These are made of synthetic nylon and are great for practicing or testing your accuracy. Yonex shuttlecocks also have medium-speed capabilities and are great for high-altitude locations.

Yonex is one of the best-known brands. It is known worldwide and has been a popular sponsor for badminton since the 1920s. This company produces top-quality shuttlecocks, which are durable and highly visible. Besides Yonex, Reinforced Shuttlecocks Ltd. is also a well-known name in badminton, dating back to 1928.

Vicky is not the best brand, but their nylon, plastic, and feather shuttlecocks are very affordable and can fit most budgets. While Vicky is not a top-quality brand, their shuttlecocks are great for beginners and are premium quality for a syntetic shuttlecock. If you are playing for money, a better choice would be Aeroplane Black Label. However, if you can’t afford these expensive ones, you can opt for cheaper alternatives like RSL Classic Tourney or Protech Masterpiece.

Yonex is the best known brand in the industry. They produce quality shuttlecocks using state-of-the-art technology and are used in many professional matches. Yonex is an excellent brand, but you’ll want to pay for quality. If you’re looking for a good shuttlecock, check out Yonex, a brand with a stellar reputation for manufacturing high-quality shuttlecocks.


In conclusion, a shuttlecock is an important part of the game of badminton. It is called a shuttlecock because it resembles to a cock or birdie. A shuttlecock is made of cork and covered in feathers. There are different types of shuttlecocks for different types of play. Some popular brands of shuttlecocks are Yonex, Vicky or RSL.

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