How Long Do Badminton Shoes Last?

  • Date: November 16, 2022
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Badminton shoes are designed to protect your feet and provide traction and stability while you’re playing. But like all shoes, they will eventually wear out. How long your badminton shoes last will depend on several factors, including how often you play, what type of surface you’re playing on, and how well you take care of your shoes.

On average, badminton shoes will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years if you’re playing once or twice a week on a regular basis. If you’re playing more often than that, or if you’re playing on a rough surface like concrete, you can expect your shoes to wear out more quickly.

In this article, we talk about what are the factors that affect the lifespan of your badminton shoes, how to take care of them, and more.

Factors affecting badminton shoes lifespan

Badminton shoes are an important part of your badminton equipment. They protect your feet from the impact of the shuttlecock and provide traction and stability. But like all shoes, they will eventually wear out. Here are the factors that affect their lifespan:


The first factor is usage. Obviously, the more you play badminton, the more your shoes will deteriorate. If you only play badminton once a week, your shoes will last much longer than if you play badminton every day.


The second factor is surface. Badminton courts are made from different surfaces, including grass, sand, clay, concrete, and wood. Each surface has a different effect on your shoes.

If you play badminton on a hard court, your shoes will wear out faster than if you play on a soft court. This is because hard courts are more abrasive and can damage your shoes.


The third factor is quality. If you buy a cheap pair of badminton shoes, they will not last as long as a more expensive pair of shoes. This is because cheaper shoes are made with lower quality materials and are not as durable.

When you wear them

Lastly, it also matters when you wear your shoes. It is not a good idea to wear your badminton shoes everywhere you go. The more you wear them, the looser they are going to get and the less likely it is that they will fit you well. They are made to expand, and it will continue to expand until they are loose.

When to change badminton shoes

You know it’s time to change your badminton shoes when the soles start to feel slippery, or when you can see a lot of wear and tear on the soles. If you play badminton regularly, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality pair of shoes specifically designed for the sport.

These shoes will provide the right level of support and grip to help you play your best. Look for shoes with non-marking soles, as these will help to protect the floor of your local badminton court. Depending on how often you play, you should expect to replace your badminton shoes every few months.

With proper care, they should last around six months before they need to be replaced. So, don’t wait until your shoes are completely worn out – by then, it may be too late to prevent an injury. Change them when you start to see the first signs of wear and tear, and your feet will thank you!

Changing your badminton shoes frequently is essential if you want to keep your feet smelling fresh. The best way to do this is to wash your shoes after every use. Using a damp cloth and a mild sneaker shampoo can help remove stubborn stains.

How to take care of badminton shoes

Like any other type of athletic shoe, badminton shoes require regular care in order to stay in good condition. Here are a few tips for keeping your badminton shoes in tip-top shape:

  • Make sure to clean them after each use. This will help to remove any dirt or debris that could potentially damage the shoes.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. Excessive heat or moisture can cause the shoes to break down prematurely.
  • Inspect them regularly for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damage, take the shoes to a professional for repairs or replacement.
  • Keep tea bags inside them to maintain a fresh smell.
  • Spray or protect your shoes with water/stain repellent or protector right out of the box. Most will last for one to two months, depending on how much you wear and treat your shoes. The trick is to apply two coatings and reapply after every wash.
  • Your badminton shoes can lose their great shape if the toes get creases, dents, or folds. Make sure to stuff your shoes again before putting them away somewhere dry and cool. This works even better if you keep the stuffing from the shoes.

By following these simple tips, you can help extend the life of your badminton shoes and ensure that they perform at their best.

Do badminton shoes make a difference?

Apart from a good racket badminton racket and an ideal string tension, a good pair of badminton shoes can make a significant difference in your game. After all, badminton is a fast-paced sport that requires quick movements and sharp turns. Badminton shoes are designed to provide support and stability, allowing players to change direction quickly without losing their footing.

In addition, badminton shoes often have elevated soles to help players keep their balance when they jump or land. While badminton shoes can certainly help improve your game, they are not necessarily essential.

Ultimately, it is more important to choose a shoe that is comfortable and provides good support. Whether you opt for badminton shoes or not, make sure to take the time to break them in before your next match. Otherwise, you may find yourself at a disadvantage on the court.

Your choice should provide good traction and cushioning. They should also be lightweight and ergonomic in shape. Some badminton shoes come with a power cushion, which absorbs shock from quick reverse movements. Others feature Double Russel Mesh for extra breathability and durability. Some are made with MsLite, a special blend designed for fast footwork.

Can badminton shoes be used for running?

No, you shouldn’t use badminton shoes for running or vice versa. It is more dangerous to wear running shoes to play badminton.

Badminton shoes are not flexible enough for most of the movements you make while running. They are also not comfortable and can cause your feet to hurt if worn while running or jogging.

How do you get the smell out of badminton shoes?

If your badminton shoes are starting to smell, there are a few things you can do to freshen them up. First, try sprinkling some baking soda inside the shoes and letting them sit for a few hours. Then, empty the shoes and vacuum out the baking soda.

You can also place the shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight; this will kill any odor-causing bacteria. If your shoes are still smelling, try washing them with a mild soap and cold water. Be sure to let them air-dry completely before wearing them again. With a little effort, you can get rid of that bad smell and keep your badminton shoes fresh all season long!

You can use a toothbrush to scrub the inside of your badminton shoes. Make sure to use a soft brush, as you don’t want to cause damage to the fabric. After cleaning, you can use a shoe cleaner. Make sure to use one specifically designed for badminton shoes. Always rinse your shoes thoroughly, as scrubbing too hard can damage the material.

Why are my badminton shoes slippery?

There are a few reasons your badminton shoes may be slippery. First, the soles may be made of a material that doesn’t have good traction. Second, the soles may be worn down from use and no longer have as much grip as they did when they were new. Third, your shoes may not be clean – dirt and debris can build up on the soles and reduce traction.

If you’re having trouble with your shoes slipping, try cleaning them first to see if that makes a difference. If not, you may need to invest in a new pair of shoes with better traction. Whatever the cause of your slippery shoes, there’s likely a solution that will help you keep your footing on the court.

What can I do if my badminton shoes are slippery?

You can try to treat your badminton shoes with water repellent and stain protector. These will prevent the shoe from becoming slippery from the daily elements. Apply the protector after every use to prevent future stains. This solution will usually last about a month, but you’ll need to apply it again after washing. It will help to protect the material and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Check your badminton shoes frequently for dirt. Badminton shoes can lose their grip over time if they don’t get clean regularly. The dirt in the sole will eventually get trapped in the grip and prevent it from performing its function. Poor-quality soles also experience aging processes, which will reduce the traction on the badminton court. Over time, the plasticizers in rubber will diffuse out and the sole becomes tough and brittle.

How do I know when it’s time to get a new pair?

You can tell that your shoes are getting more and more loose because you can feel it. As shoes get older, they tend to stiffen up and lose their flexibility. If your shoes are still slippery after trying the above, that’s another sign that it’s time to get a new pair.


Badminton shoes are an important part of the game and it is important to know how to take care of them and when it is time to get a new pair. By following the above tips, you can extend the life of your badminton shoes and ensure that they perform their best on the court.

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